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Wonderville - Science and Tech Games for Kids

Wonderville <http://www.wonderville.ca/> is a great website for kids
developed by the Science Alberta Foundation <http://sciencealberta.org/>.
On Wonderville students can find games, videos, comics, and hands-on
activities for learning about science and technology. The gallery of
activities, games, videos, and comics is divided into three categories; fun
science, awesome tech, and cool jobs.

A couple of the Wonderville <http://www.wonderville.ca/> games that I like
are Reaction Action and Medieval Levers. In Medieval Levers students watch
a short animated video about the physics of levers before trying to build
their own catapults to use to attack the castle. In Reaction Action
students learn about combustible gasses. The object of the game is to
collect combustible gasses that can be used to create energy.

One of Wonderville's educational videos is embedded below.

*Applications for Education*
Wonderville's <http://www.wonderville.ca/> games, comics, and videos can be
used by elementary and middle school students on their own. The hands-on
activities could be used by teachers as the basis for an elementary school
science lesson plan. The hands-on activities include experiments in which
students need to record observations.


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