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 A New Spin on Friction A Physical Science Experiment Designed to Inquire
Into Resistance

   - David R. Wetzel <http://david-r-wetzel.suite101.com/>

 [image: Investigating Fluid Friction - Wojtek Kutyla] Investigating Fluid
Friction - *Wojtek Kutyla*
A hands-on approach designed to provide help students develop a better
understanding of friction in both solid surfaces and fluids & which fluids
include liquid and gas.

A new spin on friction focuses on kinetic, static, fluid, and skin friction
to help students make connections with this force in other contexts,
instead of only using ramps or flat surfaces when teaching this concept.
Primarily, teaching friction focuses on experiments involving sliding or
kinetic friction along with static friction, as students move objects over
flat surfaces using a variety of materials.

However, there are two further types of friction that students need to
investigate. These additional forces are called fluid friction and skin
friction. These two forces are the result of objects moving through or
across a liquid. This activity provides models of how to increase students
understanding of friction using innovative experiment techniques.

   - *Skin Friction* – occurs from the resistance of a fluid (liquid or
   gas) against the skin of the object moving through the medium.
   - *Fluid Friction* – called drag, which refers to forces of resistance
   which oppose the motion of an object through a fluid (liquid or gas).

Read more at Suite101: A New Spin on Friction: A Physical Science
Experiment Designed to Inquire Into Resistance |


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