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Keeing track of websites as they relate to lessons continues to be a big
challenge for me.  I'd like to share a couple of things that I've found

First, I've fallen in love with www.symbaloo.com, a website that offers a
free method for storing your bookmarks online in a somewhat graphical
fashion.  That works well for me since I use 2 computers (home and school)
and keeping the bookmarks up to date is tedius.  Symbaloo solves that by
keeping all bookmarks in one location online, accessible by any computer.
It is password protected and free.

It is arranged so that there are separate pages for as many topics as you
would like to set up.  I set mine up so that the various subjects are
separate pages (e.g., Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, etc.).  I like the
visual nature of the bookmarking, which allows you to set the color, title
and image on each "button."  A screenshot is shown:

You can move tiles, change colors, etc.  A real surprise for me was that
you can make any of these pages public, thereby creating whole pages of
useful links for anyone to use.  You tag the page with keywords and others
can search the available pages using their own keywords.  I was astounded
at some of the sites I found for Chemistry, Physics, Photoshop and Travel.
It is a treasure trove of information that, for me, is visually appealing
and easy to use.

A second technique I use is a spreadsheet.  I copy and paste links in one
column, subject area in another, brief explanation in a third, and rating
in a fourth.  One Excel speadsheet contains all my lesson-useful links that
I can sort, find, and launch from within Excel.  For me, the system works
well and it allows a much simpler organization than the Favorites tool in
Internet Explorer.



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Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I installed a diigo button on my browser
tool bar - so if I'm at a website that someone suggested, I can bookmark
it, add comments and tags so I can find it again.  I can also share it with
other people.

Dropbox is a great free resource to add documents to as well.  You can get
more free space by referring people - I'll send you an invite!

There are many great sources - I have used live binders in the past but I
like diigo better.

Hope this helped!

Becca Buzzell

On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 10:06 AM, Karen Delgado <kdelgado at embarqmail.com>wrote:

>  Thanks for these great sites.  When I write my plans, I include the
> sites I'm using...the following year, I can easily hyperlink to the site.
> Otherwise, I've been keeping lists on Word documents.  Will certainly check
> this out!
> ------------------------------
> I find LiveBinders to be very useful.  I can have multiple binders which
> can include not only websites, but also PDF’s, videos and such.  It also
> has an app that works pretty good on portable devices.  In addition, I can
> copy other binders from people that are much smarter than I am—the ultimate
> tool of teachers.
> DianaLyn Perkins
> Coppell Middle School West
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> *Subject:* Organizing websites
> Hello,
> As teachers we have so many informative sites that we refer back to for
> our lesson plans. How do you organize your sites? Any information would be
> helpful. Right now I have been using my favorites on the toolbar or
> delicious.com.
> Thanks!
> Lena

Rebecca Buzzell
7th Science / Writing
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