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 Only 1 iPad in the

[for ELA/Reading specific apps and ideas, see Reading on the
]* *

*Is only one iPad in a classroom worth it?* This question keeps reappearing
on the EC Ning and in other blog spaces.

The answer is easy: YES, especially if the teacher has access to a Mac
desktop or (preferably) laptop and a wifi network in the classroom.  It is
an even larger YES if the Mac device has the most current operating
system.  Having a computer to which the iPad can sync is not absolutely
necessary, but it is a Best Idea.  If you are not feeling confident, get
your IT person or another teacher to help you out with setup.  I am focused
here on *apps* to install for MS and HS - and then what to do with them.
Here is a recent post from an elementary teacher called "Teaching in the
one-iPad Classroom<http://thinkshareteach.blogspot.com/2012/02/teaching-in-one-ipad-classroom.html>"
that will help k-5 teachers

I live in my own little world, but that's ok they know me here.
Deborah Duncan, Neshoba Central High School
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