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 Frozen Planet - 7 Resources Beyond

I just watched the premiere of Discovery's new series Frozen
In fact, I watched it at Discovery's headquarters then came back to my
hotel room and watched part of it on television again. As I was watching
Discovery had a pop-up on the television screen directing me to
Discovery.com/frozenplanet <http://discovery.com/frozenplanet> for behind
the scenes information and more. I was hoping to find a lot of useful
classroom materials at that site, but I didn't. There are two neat
infographics <http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/frozen-planet/infographics.html>and
a nice set of reference pages about the
each episode, but beyond that there isn't much more than video clips. So I
decided to write a round-up some of the resources about the Arctic and
Antarctic regions that I've found over the years.


I live in my own little world, but that's ok they know me here.
Deborah Duncan, Neshoba Central High School
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