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              March 16, 2012 update
Fifty Modeling Workshops in high school physics, chemistry, and/or 
middle/high school physical science will be offered in summer 2012 at 
~28 sites in ~20 states.
These locations will offer workshops: Tempe AZ, San Francisco Bay 
area, Miami FL, Chicago IL, Notre Dame IN,  Iowa, Kansas, southern 
Maine, Michigan (2 locations), Winona MN, Omaha NE, southern New 
Jersey,  North Carolina, Buffalo NY, Columbus OH, Bowling Green OH, 
central & northern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, South Dakota, 
Tennessee, Houston TX, and Oshkosh WI (and possibly others).
Modeling Workshops in biology will be held in New Jersey, Tennessee, 
& North Carolina.
Teachers of the pcb sequence lead Modeling Workshops in Pennsylvania 
and Tennessee.
Visit http://modeling.asu.edu for details. Click on "Modeling 
Workshops Nationwide in Summer 2012".
Most Modeling Workshops are described also at http://www.ptec.org/pd .
    Modeling Workshops are peer-led. Content is reorganized around 
basic models to increase its structural coherence. Participants are 
supplied with a complete set of course materials and work through 
activities alternately in the roles of student or teacher, as they 
practice techniques of guided inquiry and cooperative learning.
Modeling Instruction is one of two K-12 science programs designated 
by the U.S. Department of Education as EXEMPLARY.
Some sites have stipends, usually for in-state teachers.
Graduate credit is available at most sites.
Pre-service teachers are welcome at most sites.
Dennis Reed
Physics Teacher
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