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We are pleased to announce that the Spring issue of The Classroom Astronomer, Issue #11, is now available! The Classroom Astronomer is a quarterly PDF and printed publication designed as a practitioner journal for classroom teachers of astronomy. While centered at the high school level, it also provides tips, techniques and informative how-to articles for teachers of grades K-8 and undergraduate college "Astro 101" courses. Our mission is to increase the amount of astronomy in the school systems and improve the skills of teachers.

Individual Issues and subscriptions are available at http://classroomastronomer.toteachthestars.net .

Table of Contents #11

What Can You Teach With A Ring of Fire? - For most people, the total eclipse is The Event, but is there something you can do when the Moon is too small to cover the Sun? Yes, says Kristine Larsen, who brings a dozen different activities you can do and measure. 

After the Transit-of-Venus Party is Over - What can you do when the event of a lifetime has come and gone? Plenty! You can teach history, science skills and other things using historical transits, extend the transit to exoplanetary discoveries, and prepare for the more challenging but commoner, next Transit of...Mercury in 2016!

>From Generation to Generation, Measuring Double Stars - An observing activity that has no known answer and for which students can get a publication out of it. See how to easily measure binary stars and contribute to the future. 

Oh, Nooo! What's That Thing In The Box? Overcoming Telephobia, a 10 Step Intervention - Ten things you can do to overcome the fear of using a telescope in your classroom instructions. Sorry, no excuses accepted, we have all the remedies. 

Outdoor Model Solar Systems, More Than Just A Walk In The Park - Explore the vastness of the solar system with these big scale models, but you can do more than just do scaling exercises. Here's some ideas you can use for quantitative and qualitative exercises for almost any age.

Regular columns:

Astronomical Teach-niques - Two articles in one....a follow-up to Issue 10's Toy Planetarium article, here's some ideas on how to make a homemade dome; want to know what your students' interests are? Have them select photos from Astronomy Picture of the Day, here's what you might learn, and use to design your course. 

Teachers' Spring Planning Sky Calendar {click here! } ( outbind://71-00000000C18ADD62B4BBFD429B463120395E89FB24462600/blocked::http://classroomastronomer.toteachthestars.net/calendar.htm )  ( outbind://71-00000000C18ADD62B4BBFD429B463120395E89FB24462600/blocked::http://classroomastronomer.toteachthestars.net/calendar.htm )

Workshops - On The Edge

Join us May 18-21, 2012 for workshops at the edge of the zone of annularity for the May 20th eclipse! Speakers will demonstrate hands-on and Inquiry techniques related to Solar and even partial eclipse observing. 

Check out the first TCA tour at workshops.toteachthestars.net/VFTour.html  ( outbind://71-00000000C18ADD62B4BBFD429B463120395E89FB24462600/blocked::workshops.toteachthestars.net/VFTour.html )!

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