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*  Education news** from the Royal Society of Chemistry*
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Learn Chemistry Resources
    ► Learn Chemistry and ABPI resource partnership
  Learn Chemistry now includes chemistry resources from the Association of
British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).

These ABPI resources, such as the *Periodic Table Game*, bring further
depth to existing Learn Chemistry content areas.
  All the ABPI resources are marked with our ‘Learn Chemistry Approved’
stamp to show they were not originally developed by the RSC. As part of the
partnership, the ABPI has featured Learn Chemistry on their own education
site. View these
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Linkedin] <http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdcc5> *    ► Fun
demonstrations added to Learn Chemistry

We have added to Learn Chemistry a variety of new outreach resources,
demonstrated at science festivals this year.

These demonstration resources have been very popular with students and
teachers, and include: Bathbombs; Sunscreen and UV light; Bendy bones.

Search for the resources<http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdcc6>using
the key word ‘
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Careers with chemistry<http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdcbc>


What do a patent attorney, a writer and a researcher have in common? You
can become one by studying chemistry! If your students are wondering what a
career in chemistry might look like, take a look at these
Our videos and PDFs show where studying chemistry can take you.
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► <http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdccc> Hot ice -
exhibition chemistry<http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdccd>


Capture your students imaginations with this fantastic demonstration,
creating ‘hot ice’ stalagmites from a supersaturated solution.

Find out how to perform this demonstration by reading our feature in *Education
in Chemistry* <http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdccf> and
by watching this video<http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdcd0>

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 ► Bill Bryson Prize 2013 –

The winners of the 2013 RSC Bill Bryson Prize were chosen last month, from
the hundreds of fantastic entries we received from around the world.

Winners were chosen from entries as varied as video games, music videos,
and short stories.

UK winners will be presented with their award at a prize-giving ceremony in
London. View the winning

Look out for the 2014 theme being announced later this year!
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 Meet some of the RSC Education team members whose work is featured in this
newsletter   The RSC Schools and Colleges team is managed by *Nicole Morgan*.
*Duncan McMillan* is our Learn Chemistry Programme Manager. *Amanda
Middleton* is Education Networks Programme Manager. *Richard Grandison*, *Alex
Kersting*, and *Lee Page* are Education Executives and *Francesca
Burgoyne*is RSC ChemNet and Competitions Education Executive.
*Karen J Ogilvie* is Editor of Education in Chemistry.
[image: Learn Chemistry]<http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdcdb>

Top 5 chemistry resources

1 Solar fuels and artificial
diagrams to help explain photosynthesis, artificial photosynthesis and the
production and uses of solar fuels.

2 On this day in
explore 366 days of chemistry history.

3 Starters for ten
<http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdcde>– a selection
of teacher resources to start chemistry lessons covering
difficult topics encountered by 14-18 year olds.

4 Chemistry in your bathroom
<http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdcbf>– how might your
bathroom look without some key chemicals?

5 Gridlocks <http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdcdf> – a
fun way to learn chemistry facts.

Search and browse hundreds more chemistry education resources, including
experiments, worksheets, videos, simulations and games, through Learn
Chemistry <http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdce0>.

[image: RSC ChemNet]<http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdce1>

***Preparing to teach A-level and GCSE chemistry in September?*

Tell your new students about RSC
where they can access the latest chemistry news, information and support.

Joining the Royal Society of Chemistry’s network for 14–18 year olds, gives
them access to the latest advances in chemistry and the support of our

Students also have the opportunity to explore chemistry in the real world
by attending RSC ChemNet events.

RSC ChemNet <http://t.connect.rsc.org/r/?id=ha2fbc7,2367435,23cdce3> is
quick and easy for your students to sign up to – plus it’s free.

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RSC Advancing the Chemical Sciences]

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