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 5 Seriously Amazing Science Education Websites
 I present part two of  sites that have been paid for by your federal tax
dollars. Here are five very cool science based sites that will make
great additions to any science classroom.

*Jefferson Lab <http://education.jlab.org/index.html>*
Jefferson Lab <http://education.jlab.org/index.html> is a site with a
collection of teacher and student resources. Look around and you'll
discover hands on activities, science based games and puzzles, cool videos
and a teacher's section. This site is a joint project between the  U.S.
Department of Energy and the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility



*NOAA Education Resources
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (or NOAA) offers
this portal
to NOAA sponsored educational
teaching concepts and processes related to ocean, coastal, climate,
weather, and Great Lake resources. Here you can find hundreds of
educational resources centered around weather, ocean life, and climate.


*Exploratorium <http://www.exploratorium.edu/explore>*
Exploratorium Online <http://www.exploratorium.edu/explore> is a digital
library collection for lifelong learning from the U.S. National Science
Foundation (NSF). The site contains hundreds of interactive learning
activities and even more educational videos. You can browse their extensive
collection by topic or activity. There is so much to see and do, be sure
you block a chunk of time before you begin exploring.


*NASA Space Place <http://spaceplace.nasa.gov/>*
The NASA Space Place <http://spaceplace.nasa.gov/> has been around for 15
years but it is still one of the best educational science websites around.
There are hundreds of learning activities and educational games all
centered around space and technology. You will find hands-on projects that
kids can do with ordinary materials. Activities include interactive games,
puzzles, animations and interactive demonstrations of science and
technology concepts. Even though this site may not be new to you, it is
likely new to your students.


*Seriously Amazing <http://seriouslyamazing.si.edu/>*
Seriously Amazing <http://seriouslyamazing.si.edu/> not only inspired the
title of my blog post, it is the name of an incredible website by the
Smithsonian. It is an interactive learning web page where anyone can learn
more about art, science, history and other cultures. The page is a mosaic
of questions and pictures and you can explore the page by simply clicking
one of the many choices. Seriously Amazing is a terrific website and it
will engage curious learners for long periods of time.

I live in my own little world, but that's ok they know me here.
Deborah Duncan, Neshoba Central High School
I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which
they can learn. -- Albert Einstein
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