[MSTA ] 3 approaches for getting content to elementary student's iPads

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 Three Approaches for Getting Content to Elementary Students' iPads - No
Email, No Problem

*This is a guest post from Beth Holland of EdTechTeacher.org *

>From the beginning, a major challenge of working with iPads is
actually *working
with iPads*. Unlike a computer, there are no multi-user logins, no file
structures, and no easy way to share these devices with multiple students.
Additionally, in elementary classrooms the challenge becomes even more
difficult. Students don't have email addresses. The Terms of Service of
many cloud storage options preclude those under the age of 13 from having
an account, and devices are often shared. So how can teachers *easily*
content under these circumstances?

Here are three ways to approach distributing content to students without
using email or having them log in and out of an account.
Approach #1: Cloud Storage and ______One of the most obvious answers to
distributing content to students, is to leverage a cloud storage solution
such as Drive <http://drive.google.com/>, Dropbox
<http://dropbox.com/>, Box<https://www.box.com/>,
or even Evernote <http://evernote.com/>. Files can be uploaded from either
a computer or mobile device and then accessed by the students. However,
once those files are uploaded to the cloud, how will students easily access
them from their iPads?

I live in my own little world, but that's ok they know me here.
Deborah Duncan, Neshoba Central High School
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