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Dear Ms. Duncan,

Are you the editor of the MSTA newsletter?

Betsy Sullivan may have already sent you this information, but I wanted to
be sure that it got into the next MSTA newsletter. I have included text
below in the email and in an attached Word document.

Could you let me know if it's possible to include it?

Thanks so much,


Valerie Sloan, Ph.D. | CLEAN Project | CIRES Education and
Outreach| University of Colorado at Boulder
cleaneducation4 at gmail.com <javascript:_e({}, 'cvml',
'cleaneducation4 at gmail.com');> | sloanvf at gmail.com <javascript:_e({},
'cvml', 'sloanvf at gmail.com');> | 303-517-3838


Free Online Climate and Energy Teaching Resources - Grades 6 -

How do we help students become literate with topics surrounding climate and
energy?  The CLEAN (Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network)
collection offers the following resources and support:

*1*. The CLEAN search
you to annotations and links for 500+ vetted, online activities, videos,
and visualizations on climate and energy for grades 6 - 16.  These
resources have been hand-picked and peer-reviewed by scientists for
accuracy and teachers for classroom effectiveness.

*2*. The CLEAN site provides guidance on teaching
 and energy science <http://cleanet.org/clean/literacy/energy_lit.html> using
a set of essential principles to frame the science and inform teaching
strategies. Learn more about these scientific principles, why they are
important and challenging to teach, strategies for teaching age groups, and
get directed to relevant activities, videos, and visualizations for each

*3. *Join the vibrant CLEAN
Network<http://cleanet.org/clean/community/cln/index.html> with
updates on educational policies and science, discussions with experts,
conference & workshop announcements, and weekly telecons (Tuesdays at 1 pm

Share this resource with colleagues and students, and *bookmark* it for
yourself! cleanet.org <http://cleanet.org/index.html>

I live in my own little world, but that's ok they know me here.
Deborah Duncan, Neshoba Central High School
I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which
they can learn. -- Albert Einstein
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