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Dear MSTA members and science education colleagues,
Unable to get to Boston for NSTA? Come on over to New Orleans for the STEM Forum and Expo.

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[NSTA STEM Forum and Expo]

If you're searching for ways to immediately and effectively apply STEM education in a preK–12 setting or to implement STEM as a best practice,  NSTA's 2014 STEM Forum & Expo<http://www.mmsend53.com/link.cfm?r=101876924&sid=31773873&m=3664605&u=NSTA&j=17192305&s=http://www.nsta.org/conferences/stem.aspx>  in
New Orleans, May 14-17  will be extremely beneficial for you to attend.


Panel discussions with leading experts in STEM will help you design, implement, and measure a successful STEM program at your school/district.

STEM Partnerships that Support Science and Engineering Projects
Partnerships that include professional development providers at museums and science centers, teacher leaders, and school administrators are working together to improve student learning nationwide.  Learn more about the different approaches to formal/informal programs focused on science and engineering practices, how informal partners can support the curriculum in your school, help with the resources and support teachers need to do project-based learning, and how school administrators can develop these types of partnerships. This session will be led by Jim Short (Director, Gottesman Center for Science Teaching and Learning, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY).

STEM Metrics & Benchmarks
How can you measure if your school is successful?  Speakers will provide a comprehensive look and share perspectives on how teachers, school leaders, and policy-makers can evaluate STEM school activities and progress. The panel will discuss research findings about the core components of inclusive STEM high schools across the nation, as well as state level efforts to create and use rubrics that define and measure successful STEM education. Teachers and administrators will share their personal experiences about developing a STEM education program at their school/district.  This session will be led by Jeanne Century (Director, Outlier Research and Evaluation, CEMSE, The University of Chicago, IL).

Developing/Improving the STEM program in your School or District
This special session will focus on success stories from administrators. Thomas (Tom) Evans, principal of Eastern Technical High School (ET) in Baltimore County, Maryland will share the secrets to success that lead his school to become a Blue Ribbon magnet school of choice and being named as one of "America's Best High Schools" by Newsweek Magazine and U.S. News & World Report for the last three years.

Met and interact with these experts during special follow up workshops on these issue areas.

We anticipate more than 2,500 STEM classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, principals, and school and district administrators nationwide will attend and participate. We hope you'll be part of this innovative and inspiring Forum.


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