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Ann Huber phy2chem at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 21 14:30:13 CDT 2016

This looks like a great opportunity!
 National Parks Service - FREE Distance Learning Lesson from Alaska!

Greetings everyone,
I know like you, summer is coming to an end and school is around the corner. With that, comes new ideas and new lessons to help enrich our student's experiences.
Last year, I participated in a distance-learning lesson with a National Park Ranger from Alaska. Though I am located on the east coast and Alaska has a four hour time difference, the ranger worked with me so as to have this come to fruition. My students loved it! It meets current NGSS standards, plus it incorporates cutting edge technology (and it's free!) The ranger worked with me as well as my IT department to be sure that the distance-learning would be a success. 
I think this is a great opportunity for your students to learn about biomes while talking to someone live from Alaska. Plus, the National Parks are celebrating their centennial - great way of bringing the parks into your lessons as well!
I attached a flyer for those of you who are interested. Please don't contact me - I'm just passing along some great info. There is contact information on the flyer itself. Also, though it states it is geared towards 5th - 8th, I had it done with my high schoolers (9-12) and it was appropriate for them.
Good luck this school year!
Andrea MontalvoWest Babylon HSLong Island, NY

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