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Greetings and happy summer to you! As you are planning community events for
the coming academic year, please consider Matheatre's
<http://www.matheatre.com> acclaimed original musical based on the science,
life and discoveries of
Madame Marie Curie!
*Curie Me Away!* weaves core chemistry concepts into lyrical metaphor to
tell the extraordinary life story of Madame Marie Curie, a pioneer in the
field of Physical Chemistry. Written in collaboration with a chemistry
professor, this original musical packs a scientific punch while reaching
across disciplines to offer inspiration to students of history, womens
studies and social studies. *Curie Me Away!* has performed for the National
Atomic Testing Museum (part of the Smithsonian Institution) and won a "Best
of Fest" award at the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival.
>From growing up in Russian occupied Poland, where the higher education of
women was a punishable crime, to rocking the world as the first woman to
win the Nobel Prize, "Curie Me Away!" is the radical story of a persistent
woman who changed our understanding of the universe.

Plot devices and original songs underscore core chemistry concepts
including *compounds and reactions, groupings on the periodic table,
transmutation and radioactive half-life.*

Educator Chad Husting's review in Chem Ed Xchange calls *Curie Me Away!* *"a
masterful performance. The content was quick witted, clever...The chemistry
was spot on. The writers did a wonderful job of comparing chemistry to
life...If you get a chance to bring this play to your school, do it**!**" *
Read full article here.

This production tours nationally and is booking now for 2018-19, along with
Matheatre's two other STEM-based productions:
*Tesla Ex Machina* and the classic *Calculus: The Musical!*
Contact sadie at matheatre.com for all the information about rates,
availability, and how to engage your students and community with math and
science via the performing arts!

*MATHEATRE*: The intersection of Arts and Academics.

*CURIE ME AWAY! (a radioactive musical)* --the radical story of Marie
Sklodowska Curie, a persistent woman who changed our understanding of the

*CALCULUS: THE MUSICAL!* --the comic "review" of the concepts and history
of Calculus!

*TESLA EX MACHINA* --an exploration of science, history and ethics through
a one-man play about memory. Featuring some of Nikola Tesla's most renowned

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